Monday, March 10, 2008

His Ways... FVCC Devotion Leading to Easter

FVCC is beginning a 14 day devotion leading up to Easter. It's called "His Ways."

Part of the thinking behind this was building on the success of the 40 days of Community campaign back in the fall and how great it was that the whole church was doing devotions together on the same day and on the same topic. So we thought we'd try it again.

One of our staff members, Michelle Diamond, organized some people in the church to write a devotion. She collected 14 of them and put them in a little booklet that was handed out this past weekend following the services. One of the great things about this effort is that she is the only staff member who wrote a devotion... and only one of our current elders wrote a devotion...

Instead, this devotion was written almost entirely by people and families in our church family. It wasn't dependent on the staff or on the leaders... but instead on the people of FVCC.

I had planned to blog about it previous to today... as today is the first day... but being gone over the weekend with Believe, I forgot to pick up my copy of the devotion before I left. So I thought I would put a little preliminary post and then post about the first day. Since I'm the ONLY staff member who runs an active blog and I do have a considerable amount of traffic of FVCC folks, I thought I would post my thoughts about the devotion for the day.

So... without further adieu... on to the first day.


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