Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kurt Johnston rocked the house tonight!!!

It was a pleasant surprise to walk into Believe tonight and see Kurt Johnston... Saddleback's Junior High guy.

I regularly read Kurt's blog and throughly enjoyed listening to him tonight. He talked about how God wants to "connect" with us... and how God wants to connect with "each of us." I have always enjoyed hearing Kurt teach and knew that he was on the docket to possibly teach, but didn't realize that he was actually going to be here.

It was good. I understand... because he teaches middle schoolers... but in both cases I found myself wanting more. But I guess that's one of the marks of a good speaker...



  1. Hey Jim, Thanks for looking out for the kids the way you said you are having to do. MAYBE next trip us parents can enlist more volunteers to go with for extra reassurance and adequate rest for you. We've been praying for all of you all weekend and for the glory of God to be very present @ Believe in and through Christ! Bless your heart for the ministry you are doing with our youth! Prayers for safe traveling back to church and home for all of you. Try not to be discouraged, brother. In Christ, Jenn

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jim. I hope the event was a great one for your students.
    God's best to you and your ministry!