Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Fun!!!

I realize as I type that that doesn't sound very religious... and I'm not referring to the cross. I will post a more serious reflection on the day later on.

But today is going to be an interesting day...
  • I slept in this morning... That was nice.I'm teaching tonight at our Good Friday Service at church (Romans 3:23-24 and Romans 5:8) .
  • Chris Genders and his family are coming over before the GF Service for pizza and hanging out and check out out new kitties...
  • Steve Osborne (our worship guy) and his wife are coming over after the GF service for coffee and/or ice cream and hanging out with our new kitties...
  • I've got a bunch of phone calls to make.
  • I still have to read about 75 pages of "Culture and Conflict" by Cohen for my Ministry to Muslims class next weekend.
  • And I need to write a communion meditation for Easter.
  • It's snowing today (even though it's the 2nd day of Spring). But hopefully it's done for today... and we got a couple of inches... and it won't affect tonight's Good Friday Service.
So... It's going to be a busy day!


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