Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our cats are crazy...


We've had Zoe and Zelda for about two weeks now. And I've noticed something unusual about them. We (my wife and I) both have laptops. And since we are in school and often working on schoolwork at the same time, we have our printer set up at home for wireless printing. Which is great!!! It's awesome to be able to sit on the couch and send a document to print without getting up, carrying the laptop into the den, plugging in and then waiting for the print (I know, I'm lazy... but get over it).

But I've noticed something about our cats. And I just noticed this again because it just happened... and it happens every time... every time they hear the printer engage to print, they both take off tearing through the apartment and dive onto the desk to see "the magical machine that makes noise and spits out paper" (I'm assuming that in their little cat-brains that's what they are thinking). But it's hilarious.

In fact over the weekend, Zoe jumped from so far out from the desk where the printer is at and she obviously forgot about not having front claws (which she doesn't), that she went flying into the window and almost fell behind the desk.

It's an usual trait... maybe I'll try to get it on video sometime and upload it to YouTube or something. Oh the humor of having two kittens in the house...


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