Saturday, March 22, 2008

Master Mentor #13

Chapter 12 (Book 3 – Chapter 2)
I found out in this chapter, that the previous chapter was so full of examples and illustrations because it was part of a 10-minute radio talk. CS attempted to make his discussion as quick and to the point as he could possibly be so that folks would understand him.
In this chapter… he follows up by talking about the same principles as the previous chapter, but instead, he begins to talk about them in terms of seven virtues. Four of which, he classifies as “Cardinal” (meaning all people recognize) and the final three of which, we calls “Theological” (meaning those that would be recognized by Christians only). In this chapter, he then goes on to talk about these four cardinal virtues of “Prudence,” “Temperance,” “Justice,” and “Fortitude.”
It’s interesting that the words that he chooses here in this chapter may have been words from a more classical meaning. But these words also don’t carry much significance in this day and age. In fact, they would likely need to be renamed with other markers for more clear understand. Prudence would be more likely understood as wisdom or common sense. Temperance would be better understood as balance. Justice would be that notion of fairness and Fortitude better understood as courage.
He then goes on to say that these are the things that should characterize our lives if we want to be the kind of people that God is calling us to be. God isn’t asking for these things to simply show up, but that we would be people who would be known in our character for these. Which leads me to think… Is my life a life that is characterized by wisdom, balance, fairness and courage?


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