Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ugh!!! Reading speed??!!

I am wrapping up a book for class on Saturday... that I have to write a response paper to...

This morning I got up after Jackie left for work at 4 am and read for 3 hours. And I only got 50 pages done!!!??? That's a measly 16.6 pages an hour or 3.5 minutes per page...




  1. What sort of book was it? Some books take me longer than that per page!

  2. I don't know how to classify the book type... It is called "Culture and Conflict in Egyptian-Israeli Relations: A Dialogue of the Deaf." It is a book that I am reading about ministering to Muslims and getting a glimpse of the worldview of a Muslim. It is dealing with differences in how the Israelis (westerns) and Egyptians (Arabs) interact. So, I don't know if you would classify it as a sociology book or not.

    But I guess what I'm wondering is if this is a respectable speed for the speedreading-almost-Dr.-Nate-Gilmour?

  3. It would depend on the book. When I'm reading Continental (i.e. German or French) philosophy, I just bank on spending several minutes per page. Likewise for poetry of any complexity.

    With sociology, I suppose it would depend on whether the sociologist is more of a positivist or a critical sociologist. The former kind I can read with some speed, but the latter, because of the Hegelian influence, often takes me much longer than I'd like.